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Moving Quotes

What is a Moving Quote?

While moving or relocating, you often need the help of professional movers or moving companies. This is primarily initiated with a quote or possible costs that might be incurred during the deal. This is known as the ‘moving quote’. Most consumers do not check or compare much with different quotes of different movers and remain satisfied with the initial bunch of quotes they are offered. This is often the cause of the former feeling dissatisfied with the deal.

Here are some points that should be checked in a quote from a moving company:

Shipping Charges – Make sure that the quote you have received is based on the actual weight of the shipment of goods to be relocated. This weight should be measured onsite. If not possible, you should be sure that the charges in the quote are approximately accurate to what your shipment’s weight is. You should also be sure (in case of an interstate move) that the time or route taken to move your goods to the destined location is the shortest and the easiest one. Vague charges and vehement addition of prices pointing to the additional weight of shipment is an age-old ploy of the movers to make merry on the client’s ignorance.

Packaging Services – Check with the movers that they provide all necessary supplies and materials while packing your goods. Many a times it happens so that the movers casually pack the goods and charge for exquisite services. Also be particularly sure and thorough while packing your goods yourself, as the movers will charge a fortune for repacking the errant goods.

Additional Charges – Storage, fuel, processing charges, insurance, and taxes should be carefully calculated along with the moving quote to disallow any misappropriation of the budget by the moving company. You should also make prior arrangements for unconventional or accidental charges such as detours and breakdowns during the trip.

Now we shall discuss how to restrict your budget to the minimum and yet milk the advantage out of the movers’ quote.

Some of the basic rules to follow to save your hard-earned money are:

The Perfect Quote – You might get your best quote the first time you are given one, or it may take several attempts before you find a suitable one. But whatever you do, always wait for the perfect quote – both for your mental satisfaction as well as your budget’s, before signing on the dotted line.

Free Moving Quote – Make best use of the free moving quotes that moving services offer. Most quotes offer a fair idea of how much your relocation initiative might cost you. Hence offer your partnership only after checking and gathering such quotes from every moving company available to you.

The Quote ‘Fad’ – Clients usually believe in the myth that the lowest or the cheapest quote is the best one. The reason for the cheap offer might be because of a declining business or poor quality of service provided. Always check the background and the quality from people who have availed of the service from the respective movers before signing a deal.

In a nutshell, moving charges can be applied on anything by the mover. Be sure to read through the quote, even the text in fine print. If you are in doubt or have questions, ask and verify before employing the moving service.



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