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On a typical house-hunt, you come across the house of your dreams. Spacious, strong, and exuding grandeur, you simply cannot wait but set your foot inside it as the proud owner. Then comes your first predicament, the present owner asks you to move it to a desired location, at times even a long distance away.

House moving is the process of hauling up a house from its foundations and then relocating it to a new place, albeit in its entirety. And the professionals who do it are called “house movers”.

There can be several other reasons for moving a house:
• The owner may need the property to set up a bigger construction project. The benefits from house moving as compared to the costs of demolishing, and the relative losses thus incurred are eliminated.
• At times, residents of hurricane or flooding prone areas may decide to relocate as well.
• Residents of areas near encroaching highways may contemplate moving their house as well.

Some of the most important factors that are to be looked into before the professional team of house movers arrive are:
• You need to be prepared before the house movers arrive. Planning and co-ordination are very important to allow the move to be smooth.
• Permits from the local administration departments and law authorities are to be settled beforehand.
• Bank loans and mortgages should be dealt with too. Although, often professional house movers help you get through with such procedures in no time.
• The basic dimensions of the house should also be made available when the house movers arrive to report.
• Last but not the least, the budget of house moving should be made logically. If the house movers charge you more than building a new house, it would be better to opt for the latter option.

Costs of moving a house is substantially increased with the presence of obstacles such as railroads and ditches on route. Add to this the costs of buying suitable land, placement of the moved house, and renovation, and you will have to seriously weigh the odds against building a new home instead.

Services of professional house movers are available online as well as from local authorities. Selecting movers online is a better option, as you need not travel to the desired location to assign them the project. Also, check with the authorities and law enforcement agencies about the house mover’s services you are acquiring. Licenses and municipal official numbers should be checked to see if the house movers you are hiring are authentic and trustworthy enough..

House movers are a necessity, but do not let them take you for a ride. Paying only a fraction as an advance is advisable, as most movers do not cover damages, even if they are deliberate or a result of the latter’s mistakes. Keep a tab on the mover’s activities while on the job, as it will limit the chances of robbery or theft.


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